Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

We are a non-denominational group of leaders who have learned our philosophy from many different sources. The ultimate goal for each of us is to achieve a life of peace, love and generosity, and to share that with those around us.

Essentially the founder is Taoist, but we also incorporate the common teaching of all philosophies into what we do, which is to love one another. The main lessons of our philosophy were learned from Stuart Wilde. Stuart’s teachings aim to help the individual become strong so that he or she can overcome whatever difficulties they might be experiencing.

One of the essential teachings of Stuart Wilde is to learn to become peaceful and stop fighting. This is a very Taoist way, one which brings a resolution to the problem of domestic violence. Don’t take us the wrong way though – one has to protect themselves if they are in danger. So although it’s good to forgive people for their impositions and the harm they cause, it’s not good to allow them to continue to abuse us. It’s always best to vote with your feet in a harmful situation.

We do not aim to spoon-feed people, but rather, to give them the support and the skills that they need to become strong and independent individuals. This is so that they don’t have to repeat the same mistakes again if possible.

Our main concern is for the children. If the children are taken out of a violent environment and put into a safe one, they will benefit from the harmony and security that this provides. So too will the future generations of children that stem from those kids who are born to the mothers whom we assist. Hopefully, we can break the generational pattern that occurs in some people’s lives – if only for a few at least. ♥

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