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Our Online Marketplace

We are developing our own Online Marketplace where we will list and sell the items that get donated to us. This will help us to raise funds for our Foundation.  The site will also allow people all around the world to list their own items alongside of ours. When it has been developed, feel free to use the site. Your support helps us grow the site and raise funds for what we do.

Initially, all fixed price listings will be free, unless you’d like to bump them up, and then a small fee will be charged. Auctioned items will be charged a small fee based on the sale price.  There will be no listing price – just a small percentage of the sale price.




There will also be a type of bartering system in place too. The details of this idea are yet to be announced. It won’t really be bartering, it will be more like trading but we are in the process of deciding what will be the method of trade so we’ll announce it later. This aspect of the site will allow women to leave men who are abusive and who control the finances between them. Women in such situations will be able to keep their growing earnings secret from their tyrannical husband or partner.

Advertisers may pay for advertising space on the site. Once the site is finished being developed, more information will become available. Remember, all of the profits after running costs are used to help those we assist. They will go towards assisting mothers, children and family pets to leave situations of domestic violence. So please support us by using our site rather than any of the other online auction and classified sites.

Thank you for your interest in what it is we do.


Online Marketplace



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