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Online Diary

Appointment Scheduler

Appointment Scheduler

The link above leads to the first of our online sites, our Online Diary called Appointment Scheduler. It was designed to raise funds for our Foundation. For the initial few months of testing the service, our site will remain free to use. We plan to add reminder services to the site, which will be part of the premium services available. Use the site freely until you decide to add the reminder services to your plan. Or, simply join and test-run the facilities. We are not ready to add the premium facilities just yet. So please just use the site and send us feedback as to how well the site is working.

At a later stage, when your own business is demanding that you need more help and when we have added in the premium facilities, you might like to sign up for the reminder service that alerts your clients to the fact that they have an appointment with you in 24 hours time. It will be just like having your own personal secretary, only much less expensive!



Who Is This Site For?

The Appointment Scheduler site is suitable for sole business owners, or for those with large businesses that have many representatives of their business. It is suitable for teachers, people in finance, for beauty and hairdressing salon services, for house-sitters or travelers, or for any type of business where you offer a service to your clientele.

By using our site rather than that of another service provider, the profits from the fees that you pay for using the service will go towards the costs involved in helping the mothers, children and pets that are put in our care.  So you get a great tool to assist you in your business, and those that we assist are supported by the funds you pay to use our site.  It’s win-win for everyone!

Our site is now live and ready to go. Thank you for choosing to use!  

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