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Assist Us

Assist Us

If you would like to hire your services to us or volunteer to assist us, please contact us and tell us how you can help. Here are some suggestions for roles that need filling:

Builders and Labourers – If you would like to take part in helping us build the various dwellings and commercial buildings that we need, please get in touch.

Gardeners and Horticulturalists – If you have skills with growing vegetable gardens and flower gardens, please let us know. We will need your help.

Printing – Do you own a printing business? If you do and you’d like to donate postcard sized paper flyers to help promote our organisation, we would be most grateful.

Leaflet Delivery – Would you like to volunteer to assist us initially with the distribution of flyers about our Foundation?

Warehouse Manager – We will be seeking people to help us in the warehouse where our donated items will be collected and stored. We’ll need a manager and several people to assist with the things that need to be done. The Manager’s position and the 2IC will be paid, and so will the drivers who collect the items.

Write for Us – If you would like to send us an article that you have written on the topic of domestic violence or other related information, please let us know. With regards to health, we believe that prevention is better than cure, so if you do intend to send us an article which included information about health at all, it would be far more like to be accepted if the information is about nutrition, herbs, homeopathics, flower remedies, bush essences, bodywork therapies, and anything that approaches health from a holistic perspective.

Sell Tickets – We will also be very grateful for the help of those who would like to promote our Prize Home Lottery draws. The remuneration that we can offer you is a percentage of free tickets based on the number of tickets that you sell for us.

Work with Animals – Do you enjoy working with animals? We will require a paid manager to run our rescue shelter for animals, other paid workers to help in other roles, and volunteers to help with the various jobs that are required around the shelter.

Become a Teacher – Can you teach a skill or a hobby to the mothers that we assist? We’ll be starting classes for that at our colleges. This will be paid work, not voluntary, so please submit your outline of the course that you would like to run. If you are an art or craft teacher, we welcome you. If you can teach a skill that will allow a mother to earn income to support herself, please get in touch. Most of our courses will be short courses or one-day workshops.

Social Workers – Are you a social worker? We will need qualified people to assist us with the people that we help.  You will be paid for this work.

Nutritionists – Are you a nutritionist? Nutrition is a vital part of emotional stability, so if you are a nutritionist please contact us for a paid position within our community foundation.

Raw Foodists – Are you a raw foodist? We lean towards the benefits of a Raw Food Diet or the Alkaline Diet, so if you have knowledge in this area and would like to assist, please contact us. This will be paid work.

Property Owners – Do you own a retail shop that we can purchase or rent to operate one of our businesses from? Please see the list on the bottom of the page titled Retail for the kinds of businesses that we will be needing premises for.

Private Tutors – if you are either a Steiner or a Montessori teacher, we will be looking to pay you to tutor the children of the mothers that we help. Please get in touch.

Drivers – We will need drivers to collect women and children, and to take them away from danger to safety. If this is something you would like to be paid to do, please get in touch. Please note that a full police check will be done before you are given work.

Security Officers – there will be situations where security officers will be needed. If you are a security officer and are interested in working with us, please let us know.

Body Guards – If you are trained to a black belt level in Martial Arts and would like to work as a Body Guard, please get in touch with us.

Martial Arts Teachers – for both the mothers and the children.

Dance Teachers – to run Modern Ballroom, Latin American, Salsa, Rock ‘n Roll, Cerok, Swing, Jazz, Ballet, Tap and Modern dance classes.

Please note, a full police check will be done on all men and women who work with the children, or who offer to drive or do any work where you are left alone with the women and children. There will be security monitors in all locations, including hallways and entrance foyers of living abodes. All visits will be recorded and monitored at all times.

Please contact us using the contact form on the Contact Us page to let us know of how you can help. 

Assist Us

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