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Retail Outlets

Our Op Shops

Ladies, would you like to look good for a fraction of the price?  Could the money that you would normally spend on expensive clothes, shoes, accessories (and other items that you may want for your home) be better spent on paying off your mortgage or helping your kids with their learning needs?   Are you the type that loves to shop for a bargain?

Then come and shop with us at our various Retail Outlets, Service based businesses and Online Sites here at the Loving Heart Foundation. All profits made after running costs go towards assisting young mothers, children and their beloved pets to escape a domestic violence situation and to receive the healing they need once they are in a new and safe environment.

We will visit schools, homes and businesses selling chocolates, calendars and diaries, so please expect us when you see us.  We raise funds by selling goods and services, therefore we will not usually be asking for cash donations.  However, we would certainly appreciate it if you donate your unwanted items to us that we can then sell to raise funds, and if you feel strongly about our cause we would never say no to a donation of money, but it’s not going to be our main way to raise money.

​​Save money, get good value, and support a worthy cause when you shop with us!  


Upcoming Businesses

Undercover Markets, Op Shops and Antique Shop
Hair and Beauty Salons
Designer Label Pre-Loved Clothing Stores
Pre-Loved Bridal and Formal Boutiques
Wedding Reception Venue
Dance Classes and Social Dances
Theme Based Glamour Photography Studio
Shelter for Abandoned and Orphaned Pets
Seniors and Adults Education Colleges
Corporate and Holiday Serviced Apartments
Electronic Sales and Rentals
Dinners for Eight Meeting Place
Arts and Crafts Shops
Letterbox Leaflet Distribution Service
Caravan Hire Service
Healing Centre and Eco-village

Thank you for your interest in our ventures! Please support us by shopping with us

Op Shops and Businesses

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