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Fundraising Events

Our fundraising events are designed to be great fun, with the aim of raising funds to help support the people whom we help to move from violence to safety. If you would like to organise your own fundraising event to help us out, please let us know.

If you would like to be informed of the fundraising events that we organise, then when we have a suitable venue available for these things we will announce our events here in our notices section. Go to our blog and follow us as our events will also be announced on our blog.



How to Support Us

The best way for you to support us though is to use the various services that we will be offering. For example, our Online Diary is set up to help business owners all around the world, and is free to use up to the point where you would like your clients to be reminded of their appointment with you by sending them a text message the day prior to their booking. Then the profit after running costs of your monthly payment to us is used for the purpose of providing the accommodation we want to provide to those we help.  Then it’s win-win for both you and those we help. You get to use a fantastic online diary, and the profit we make from you utilising our service goes to help those in need.

The other online site you might like to support is our Online Marketplace.  We are setting it up to sell the items that are donated to us by people like you. But the site is also able to be used by anyone so that they can sell their own items too. The profit from the fees to advertise on the site all go the foundation. It will allow us to help those whom we help.

Why not use our online services instead of the big player’s services like eBay and Gumtree?  You’re still getting the same service but you’re helping a worthy cause at the same time.

Keep your eye out for what else is yet to come!



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