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Enter One of Our Raffles

We plan to hold raffles for the deposit on our Prize-Homes. When you purchase a raffle ticket, our first prize draw is worth $25,000, which will allow the winner to move into their own home. Or, he or she may alternatively choose to rent it out to cover the repayments. Then, a low to no-interest vendor financed sale of the home will ensue. A series of repayments will allow the winner to eventually buy the home outright after a period of several years.

The main Founding Member of our Community Foundation believes that it would be best to become as self-sufficient as possible for the years that are coming. Therefore, all of our Prize-Homes are built so that they are off the grid for as many utility services as we can possibly replace. They are as self-sustaining as council will allow.

We aim for minimal reliance on water and electrical systems supplied by the council, in order to reduce the tremendous costs associated with these services. Australia has the highest rate for electricity of any country in the world, and with the coming times we feel that house hunters will look forward to winning a deposit on one of our homes, which will take them to peaceful surroundings, will save them costs on living expenses, and will give them an independence that might prove very beneficial in the upcoming years.

When our raffles commence, we will have a maximum of 160,000 tickets available each time we run a Prize-Home raffle, so your chances of winning are very good.


Prize Home Raffles


Become an Affiliate and Earn a Book of Tickets

If you’d like to view our Prize-Homes, please watch for the link that will soon be available here. You’ll be able to buy your ticket online.

If you would like to help us to sell tickets, you can register for an affiliate link and tell your friends and family. Or, place your affiliate link on your own website and promote this to your own clients and/or customers. For every 25 tickets that are sold through your link, you will receive a book of five tickets. Thank you for your support. 



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