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Adult Education College

The Loving Heart Foundation plans to establish an Adult Education College for those whom we assist. Mostly we’ll provide one day workshops designed to give the skills needed to help women become self-sufficient. Then they won’t need to go into another abusive relationship.

Some of the subjects will require training that lasts longer than one day, but mostly the courses will be short and will be aimed at covering topics such as how to start your own business, how to budget, how to build a website, how to market your website, where to find the cheapest services to help you market your business, plus other topics that have to do with self esteem and looking after one’s health.

One of our facilities that will eventually be set up will be an online learning site, where you can do a course that suits your learning needs.


Our Movie Site

We also have our own movie site now, where many of the videos have been placed there for educational purposes. Aside from movies for enjoyment, there are videos that will help women learn skills that will help them create or find work. Or there are also audio recordings to help women overcome self-doubts or low self-esteem. Check out our video site at . You will also find videos with information about nutrition and overcoming certain health problems using diet and herbs. There is much to learn at that site.

We would also like to run a Senior’s Education College as well. Seniors will be able to learn things that they didn’t have time for prior. Times were such that they were busy paying off their mortgage and preparing for retirement. However, now is their time to learn.

Our colleges will also be used for running social functions and get-togethers where women can meet with other people from the local community and expand their base of healthy friendships.  

Adult Education College


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