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About Us

The Loving Heart Foundation Australia is a non-government, not-for-profit private organisation that is currently based in the Illawarra region of NSW but will be moving to the west of the Blue Mountains. We are committed to the prevention and elimination of all forms of violence from intimidation and harassment to domestic violence and sexual assault.

We firstly work to enhance safety and provide awareness so that date rape, rape and domestic violence will not occur. However, if domestic violence is not able to be prevented, we provide emergency accommodation so that women and children can leave a violent relationship safely.

We also provide income training for the women whom we assist. Once a woman is safe, she’ll be given the opportunity to learn how to support herself and her children. This is so that she never has to return to the same kind of situation again. Our website that has articles aligned with this training can be found at this link here: Free From the Gilded Cage . This is just a sample of what will be taught.

Then we aim to provide justice for abuse victims by supporting and building upon the services already available. Those services provided by the network of local programs available everywhere. 

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Create a Relationship Free from Abuse

We assist in the creation of a loving family environment through providing educational material at our blog site at Love, Honour and Respect.  We work towards educating the readers of our blog and those who visit our video site (along with those whom we assist), to know how to create a loving bond and a happy home.

Where this isn’t possible and where there is violence, we aim to provide emergency accommodation in our local area for mothers, children and pets to live in, so that they are able to leave the environment that is detrimental to their well-being.

Another of our goals is to provide all New South Wales victims of domestic violence (whom we assist) with an SOS device. This will alert authorities of any dangerous situations that arise. When an ex breaks their AVO, a frightened woman needs to be able to alert those who can help. This includes whenever her ex stalks, visits, or intrudes upon the property that she lives in with her children. We’ll be able to provide more help for mothers and children with this SOS device. It doesn’t require such a huge investment on our part.

Our non-profit, non-government, private community foundation has several online businesses being developed at the moment with the proceeds being used to run our foundation. We aim to establish ourselves in the region just west of the Blue Mountains in New South Wales, Australia. We’d really appreciate your kind support by using one of our online services. Or, shop with us at our retail stores.

Volunteers are always in demand; even five minutes can be helpful! Please let us know if you can help.

About Us


about Loving Heart Foundation
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